News 11/16/2013

Hails to all.

It has been an extremely chaotic year and maintaining this page has been a bit of a low on the priority list. However I feel an update is due so here is one. The discography page has been updated with a listing of what type of music was made on each release and it’s history. Samples will be added eventually in a future update. The project has once again been put into suspension due to time constraints. A the new album “A Coffin for Pyongyang Sally” shall be released next year. A new EP will be out before that called “Aces and Eights” on the label Katze Worx in Russia in CD-r and a tape on my own label before then. A split is also in production with Nozarshinokuni from Japan and Oxycodone from Russia. No new material will be recorded until later 2014 or 2015 I suspect due to various time constraints here. A reissue of the various tapes released during 2011 and 2012 is also in production however the release date for that is unknown.

The tracks I made for the label brotherhood of light will also be reissued on my own label as one tape within the near future. Due to extreme instability and unprofessional behavior from his side it has become apparent that my ties with that label must be severed. While I’ve calmed down some from when I made the split public on the Winter Solace website I still find it necessary to revoke all my support for the movement.

– WS